Meteorite NameBruderheim 
ClassificationL6 chondrite 
Specimen Typemineral separate 
Find / Fallfall 
Date Collected04MAR1960 0806 hrs UT 
Locality CollectedCanada: Alberta, Bruderheim 
Lat / Long5354'N 11253'W  
MeasurementsWeight: 13.97 g 
Collection #MET4270/B-74c/p18 
DescriptionGeneral description:
A stony meteorite containing abundant small spheroidal to ellipsoidal bodies known as "chondrules". It belongs to the low-iron ("L") chemical group and to petrologic type "6" indicating substantial textural modifications (such as in the definition of the chondrule margins) during high-temperature annealing. The essential minerals present are orthopyroxene, olivine, troilite, kamacite and taenite with minor amounts of plagioclase feldspar (or maskelynite), clinopyroxene, chromite, ilmenite, chlorapatite and/or merrillite, and probably tetrataenite.
Specimen description:
A fine grained, light grey powder with density lying between 2.9 and 3.3 g/cc. The bottle is labelled "pyroxene" which may indicate that both enstatite and clinopyroxene are thought to be present in the concentrate. The original sample used appears to have come from one of the 5 fragment into which 5.881 kg B-74c was broken (recorded in the departmental accession catalogue). 

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