Northwest Africa 6203 - MET11622B1

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Meteorite NameNorthwest Africa 6203 
ClassificationIron IAB (Main Group) 
Specimen Typeindividual 
Find / Fallfind 
Date Collected2007 
Locality CollectedAlgeria 
Lat / Long3031N, 418W (approx ) 
Mineralogykamacite, schreibersite with silicate inclusions (olivine, pyroxene, plagioclase) 
MeasurementsWeight: 2.5 g 
Collection #MET11622B1 
DescriptionPart of the type specimen for this meteorite. Consists of one fragment cut and mounted in epoxy. Part of MET11622B- several fragments, two of which were used to make thin sections (MET11622B/TEP1 and /TEP2). 

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