Meteorite NameCanyon Diablo 
SynonymsHelt Township, Ganado, Fossil Springs, Fair Oaks, Winslow, Winsloe, Wickenberg (iron), Schertz, Roswell, Pulaski County 
ClassificationIron IA - coarse octahedrite 
Specimen Typepolished mount 
Find / Fallfind 
Date Collected1891 
Locality CollectedUnited States: Arizona, Coconino county, Meteor Crater 
Lat / Long3503'N 11102'W  
Mineralogykamacite, taenite, troilite and probably minor phases 
Measurements25 mm diameter 14 mm high (15.0 g) 
Collection #MET10290 
DescriptionSpecimen description: An etched polished mount in epoxy resin. It has not been carbon coated but appears to have been probed, judging from the silver paint present around the edges (1999). 

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