Scientific NameImpact bomb 
Categoryimpact material 
ClassificationCaņon Diablo meteorite 
Specimen Typespecimen 
Locality CollectedMeteor Crater, Coconino County, Arizona, U.S.A. 
Lat / Long35°03'N 111°02'W  
Measurementsoverall: 1-2 mm 
Collection #MET10280 
DescriptionSpecimen description:
About 100 small (1-2 mm) particles collected from the rim of Barringer Crater. These so-called "impactite bombs" are said to contain metallic particles presumed to have been agregated with the "bombs" at time of impact. Microscopic examination shows these "bombs" to be quite diverse in character and further investigation should be carried out to ascertain their authenticy as a product of the meteorite impact. 

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