Bruderheim - MET4270/B-93/1

Meteorite NameBruderheim 
ClassificationL6 chondrite 
Find / Fallfall 
Date Collected04MAR1960 0806 hrs UT 
Locality CollectedCanada: Alberta, Bruderheim 
Lat / Long53.9 N 112.883 W 
Mineralogyorthopyroxene, olivine, troilite, kamacite, taenite and others. 
Measurementsoverall: 1519 g 
Collection #MET4270/B-93/1 

General description:
A stony meteorite containing abundant small spheroidal to ellipsoidal bodies known as chondrules. It belongs to the low-iron ("L") chemical group and to petrologic type "6" indicating substantial textural modifications (such as in the definition of the chondrule margins) during high-temperature annealing. The essential minerals present are orthopyroxene, olivine, troilite, kamacite and taenite with minor amounts of plagioclase feldspar (or maskelynite), clinopyroxene, chromite, ilmenite, chlorapatite and/or merrillite, and probably tetrataenite.


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